Nicholas de Lacey Brown vs. Alex Wotherspoon

Sir Alan Sugars’ search for his apprentice has begun. Already one week into the airing of the semi-reality show and the first dismissal has been made. The final decision was between Nicholas de Lacey Brown (a 24-year-old somewhat pompous self-proclaimed art-lover barrister), Raef Bjayou (a 27-year-old entrepreneur who has faced death in the face many times) and Alex Wotherspoon (a 24-year-old “obvious” football fan and regional sales manager). There were 6.4 million viewers, so am I right in thinking you all saw it or have conversed about it..? Whilst watching, a little light-bulb went on in my mind…

Sir Alan is looking for an apprentice with the job criterion of representing his firm and working with him. Am I correct? Leaving Raef out of the equation (because face it, he’s a sweetie) who would you honestly choose out of Mr. “ahh yes outstanding means over 85% actually” and Mr. “I expect people to obey instructions” and for what reasons?

Personally, if I was looking for a business associate, I would 100% go for Alex. Academically Nicholas clearly excelled, but perhaps his social awareness and general ability to gel with others was held back by his lack in… hotness? Let me know what your views are.


5 Responses to “Nicholas de Lacey Brown vs. Alex Wotherspoon”

  1. “I was dissapointed when i got a B in GCSE French”. Nicholas judged Alex on his looks, as he was a tad *shabby*, he was presumed to be a football fan. The boys therefore were split up into 2 groups. Personally i would have hired Alex, due to his more down to earth nature and his good looks. Niicholas seemed a bit stuck up and not easy to please. Alex is evidently *hotter* than Nicholas, which would be a contributing factor, which proves that facial discrimination occurs when choosing who to employ.

  2. I agree. Looks are definately a contributing factor when looking for a job. This was highlighted boldly in The Apprentice last week. It’s funny how Alex was deemed “shabby” & compared to the “Prince & Pauper” scenario but it worked in his favour. Keep commenting! JB

  3. i HATED nicolas! it was unbelieveable how arrogant some one of the juvenile age of 24 could be. even though he had a law degree was a barrister and (apparantly) never got a grade lower than a B he was so immature in his outlook on life. you CANNOT get through life throwing bits of paper (eg qualifications) in peoples faces. you will be hated for it. you’ll lose friends. it’s not a nice characteristic to have. so what if he was academically superior? if it was a quiz show to test your brain strength maybe his mountain of degrees would have helped. but alan sugar made his fortune through business – of which a huge part of (as any other business student like myself will tell you) is INTERPERSONAL SKILLS. did nicolas have there? hell no! business is sells. whether you’re selling a good or a service, it’s SALES. meaning you need to be a salesperson and have a positive attitude to make people want to do business with you. if i went to a trade show witha messed up hairstyle annoying voice and overall unattractive image (apologies to any nicolas look-a-likes) but a suitcase rammed with degrees, then yeah i’d expect to fail at my task. he might be intelligent in the court room. was bloody STUPID in the real world. tell me, who sells lobster THAT BIG for under £5? unbelieveable.

  4. whoops i didn’t actually answer the question. alex – 100% he’s got what it takes. raef will let himself down at some point. in keeping with the theme of this page though both alex and raef are visually more appealing. i wouldnt mind working in an office with them. and i’d sure as hell prefer working with them than with nicolas DE LACEY brown (de lacey was adopted a few years ago because it sounds “more sophisticated” incase you missed that bit!!!!!) dk x

  5. Looking at Nicholas and Alex, Alex is definitely more, of an atractive propspect to Sir Alan Sugar. In terms of qualifications, yes, Nicholas is better educated with a a degree in Law and completed Bar exams, but Alex seems to have the drive to want to achieve. Its all very well having a wedge of qualifications under your belt but if you haven’t gained anything from them that can help you stand out from the rest then they do seem a little worthless. Nicholas was lacking the energy needed to speak up and prove to Sir Alan that he could be the Apprentice.
    In the boardroom, when given the chance to fight for his right to stay in the running, Nicholas had nothing to say. He proved to Sir Alan and all the viewers that he lacked in confidence and just seemed as though he didn’t want to be there.
    So Alex has no qualifications but he’s shown initiative by being the first project manager of the series and even though they didn’t win the task, he was able lead the boys team to success. One thing I didn’t like about him was the fact that he made Nicholas look stupid about the prices. He was given the task of pricing everything but it wasn’t him that went to the other fish stall to check prices, hence the lobster was priced wrongly. When the group who went to find out the prices came back, they didn’t specifically say it was £4.90 per kilo/pound so he assumed it was per lobster. Alex could have been more understanding about this situation and realised that it was not entirely Nicholas’s fault.

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