I Quote: “Here we have to be sexist.”

Here’s a little extract from a book called: “Perfect CV”

Apparantly within it holds the secrets to all you need to get it right first time… Written by Max Eggert, published by Random House Business Books and priced at £7.99, let’s see what advice we’re given on how to look/pose for a CV photograph…

 “What you must remember here is that for most of our history as humans we have been swinging around in trees, painting wode on ourselves and eating eachother. Our primal instincts have taught us to look at another person and very quickly form an opinion about that person. We think yes-no, good-bad, like-dislike. In certain states of the US, employers are forbidden to ask candidates to send a photograph, simply because opinions form very quickly on visual information alone. So unless you were blessed at birth by being in the top five per cent for traditional good looks and are photogenic, you’re likely to fall victim to visual discrimination. If a photograph is called for then invest money on this aspect of the job search project. If you are male and normally wear glasses, keep them on for the photograph. Research suggests that males wearing glasses are rated as more intelligent, so do a Clark Kent rather than a Superman. The same research suggests glasses make females look frumpy and disorganized. You have to be like Wonderwoman and remove your specs when going into the selection game. Keeping your hair in a French Roll is OK though!”

The chapter’s titled: “Here we have to be sexist.” It has a sexist edge, but I think more than that it shows that Facial Discrimination is very much a big issue, especially in the job market.  

Any experiences to talk about? See you on the comment page.


4 Responses to “I Quote: “Here we have to be sexist.””

  1. This may not be the kind of advice to want, to some degree it’s helpful and tells you how you may be judged.

    And it clealy illustrates ‘facial discrimination.’ Within an interveiw there is limited time to judge and create opinions, so you are analysed on your obvious assests; the way to look!

  2. Facial discrimination is a huge issue, i mean when your out with your mates on a Saturday night, you’ll want the cute waiter to come to your table. And as shallow as it may seem, the first thing u notice when meeting someone is the way the look, and the rest simply follows.

    Its not always easy to look past a person’s appearance, especially when you first meet them. Its terrible to judge people on the way they look however it would be a huge lie to say it doesn’t happen.

    I think you’ve got a really good blog going on here, keep up the good work.

  3. As much as this is the case in reality, it shouldn’t be like this. One would like to think that they are being judged on their qualifications rather than their appearance. It is widely known that larger people are viewed as uncommitted and men with longer hair are seen as untidy, and therefore unorganised when it comes to first impressions in an interview. It’s a shame though, as people are encouraged to be less individual and look more like they have all come off a factory conveyor belt.

  4. This is very true and an additional strain on us when looking for a job. Should we be what they want us to be, or individual and unique, in the hope of sparking a connection? It definately depends on the type of job. Not necessarily a ‘job’ as such but did anyone watch Eastenders the other day and see Heather on screen with Minty explaining why she wanted to win the dream wedding? Made my heart melt. If thats not obvious evidence of facial discrimination, I don’t know what is. Good choice in topic. Regards. B.

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